Our Member Stories

JULY 2021

Steph – Grateful for my community

“I think it’s epic. On Eleven you can put down your pain score, your psychological welfare, all of that is amazing. I can track patterns over time and see predictions on there too.

I’m recommending it to everyone who has sickle cell and thalassemia; if you want to monitor your health and see patterns for better health I think Eleven is definitely the way to go. I think it’s really good if you want to take more control of your health.
I’m excited and happy to be using Eleven and I’m glad to start taking steps to see what I can do to help with my health. Obviously still seek medical help when that’s what you need but it’s a nice thing to also be able to monitor my health and my SATs and things I wouldn’t normally get to do at home.

“I’ve had a great experience with the Eleven team, they’ve been really responsive and quick to help out whenever I need anything. I love the watch they sent me and they even reached out and sent me a new strap when I didn’t get on with my first one.”

Steph regularly talks about her life as Sickle Cell Warrior on Instagram @steph_has_sicklecell_, you can follow her journey there and discover more about how she uses Eleven to monitor and support her health.

“I’ve got an amazing wider community. Obviously having an illness like sickle cell is hard, but when you can network with so many other amazing people who go through the same illnesses as you it’s amazing – yeah it affects us differently but they can understand how you’re feeling.”


Now I can monitor my health and not feel so anxious about going to A&E in a emergency and not being taken seriously or accused of drug seeking ?? ?? ??

This will definitely improve outcomes and highlight not every Sickle Cell patient is NOT the same ? ?? ??
It’s been about 24hrs since I received my Eleven package and I’m already seeing the benefits. I’ve had a busy day today so when I started to experience pins and needles and I was not feeling too brilliant it kind of helped to remind me ‘what haven’t I done yet?’, and I realised I hadn’t eaten anything yet and it shows because my saturation oxygen levels went right down to below normal so it does make you more mindful. I made sure I’d eaten something, made sure I was hydrated, and I felt much better after that and finished work and a lot of things I had to do. So yes, I’m tired but can start again tomorrow and get some more work done tomorrow (a parent’s work is never done!)

I really really appreciate having Eleven, it’s great keeping track of my health and seeing things like my ECG right there on my wrist makes me more conscious of my health. It was good to see my results before and after exercise as well, it’s brilliant.

Cherelle – Support into motherhood

Being part of Eleven and being able to capture my personal readings in real-time has given me a sense of ease, especially as I take my new journey into motherhood.

I took an SP02 reading alongside a hospital machine and my watch came up with the exact same reading. This made me confident that the watch would be able to give me a true reading whenever I needed it. Being able to get that accuracy without needing to go to hospital is fantastic.

When I have a heart palpitation, I can take an immediate ECG read which would never be possible otherwise. This is a great opportunity to catch real-life issues in real-time, helping me decide if I can manage at home or need further support.

I look forward to seeing how this develops and supports my healthcare needs.

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