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Patient Stories

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Patient Stories

Select a name to read their story


London, U.K

“I’d been having a sickle cell crisis for over 2 weeks but was managing it at home. As the pain grew more intense I was taking my morphine doses closer…


SW London, U.K

My sickle cell journey has been extremely tough and it is only recently I’ve been able to manage my pain and control it without hospital admissions. With my…


South London, U.K

I’ve been monitoring my sleep a lot more recently since I’ve been having more frequent flareups with my Sickle Cell. I will just leave my ScanWatch on to sleep and it will…


Dagenham, U.K

Eleven Health liaises with medical professionals and gives greater insight into how we as Sickle Cell warriors could be treated more effectively and…


West London, U.K

After hearing about Eleven Health and their mission, I thought it was a great initiative so I decided to participate. My whole journey from signing up to receiving the…


London, U.K

I’m currently learning to use my Eleven health device to track my condition, which can be affected by multiple factors. This has been made easier with the…


North London, U.K

I think it’s epic. On Eleven you can put down your pain score, your psychological welfare, all of that is amazing. I can track patterns over time and see…