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Better Data Allows for Better Research

We want Sickle Cell Disease patients to be better represented in health and social care. This means we need multiple organisations and departments working together to advance the research development into the disease.

We make a bigger impact

Working together will allow us to advance Sickle Cell Disease understanding and treatment options faster.  Eleven will enable clinicians & researchers access to the non-identifiable study findings, insights and live data through the web platform, allowing doctors and researchers to explore the natural history of the disease, potential risk factors for issues such as Vaso-Occlusive Crisis and end organ damage, and optimal treatment pathways based on each participant’s metrics matched to the patient profiles from historic data and the study cohort.

Raise Disease Awareness

We are also looking to work with organisations that are looking to support patients with a particular diagnosis. Eleven offers a proven method for building and maintaining a vibrant online community comprised of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Our effective collaboration with other patient advocates, in conjunction with accessible platforms with shareable content, ensures that we are able to measurably increase disease awareness on a broad scale.

Provide Valuable, Real-World Insight into Patients

We are able to provide professionals with valuable care-related insights from patients through customised surveys, focus groups, and detailed analyses of our platform’s utilisation metrics. Our quick turn-around time enables professionals to get quick, useful answers from a meaningful patient data.

We work with leading
researchers and organisations.

Eleven has partnered with researchers and organisations that are focused on Sickle Cell Disease to support us in our mission. Eleven is able to provide researchers anonymised records and better insight into Sickle Cell Disease patients

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